1. Introduction
  2. If You Dig Me Let Me Know **
  3. Sister Taught Me Guitar *
  4. Candle Is Burning Low **
  5. Just Can't Stay *
  6. Blues King Mango *
  7. Keep On Running *+
  8. Grand Casino $
  9. Going Down The Line *$
  10. They Try To Kill Me*
  11. Just Don't Care **
  12. Homesick Blues **
  13. Bloody Tears **§

R.J. MISCHO – harmonica, vocals*, bass drum on +
FRANK GOLDWASSER – guitar, vocals**

Special Guests:
ALEX SCHULTZ – guitar on $
BILLY FLYNN – guitar on §

This trio from California was one of last year's biggest surprises at Lucerne.

Their simple, straight-forward style, inspired by the old masters and trios like the one led by Hound Dog Taylor, got the attention of the audience almost immediately.

Frank Goldwasser knows how to build the fudamental grooves, and R.J. is a great story teller in blues. Without any doubt, Richard Innes is one of the greatest blues drummers, ever. And who's the bass player? Bass player? There is no bass player. And you couldn't even tell from the power of the recordings.

This trio sounds fat, like one of those downhome combos in a Mississippi juke joint.

This is the real stuff. Loud, ruff, dirty, a litle nasty and free-style.
If you are fed-up with polished blues and rock, check them out.
They are individual, original and real blues players.


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Reviews CCD 11081

Let me state right up front that this CD is one of the best that I have heard in a long while. Featuring three well known West Coast blues players, The Down Home Super Trio plays blues the old fashioned way – raw. (…)
Kudos to the Down Home Super Trio for adopting the trio format and trying an approach that most modern bands would not attempt. It takes very skilled musicians to pull this off and these guys have succeeded big time. Very highly recommended.

Southwest Blues Magazine
Spring 2005
Barry Gober

These guys are real blues players who were born to play at festivals like this, spurred
on by a fanatical, noisy audience. (…)
If you like a raw, individual and unsophisticated sound, this CD is for you.

Blues Matters
Spring 2005
Dave Scott

Pure hard drivin’ Chicago blues with a demolishing straight playing with no ‘design stylistic concessions’. A bright powerful hot album that makes me think the real blues spirit was there that particular night… and you have the proof here. . VERY GOOD.

Vincente Zumel

Das Down Horne Super Trio war 2003 eine der großen Überraschungen des Lucerne Blues Festivals, und die vorliegende Live-CD belegt dies eindrucksvoll. Eine geniaJe Zusammensetzung lädt zum Zuhören und Genießen ein. (…) Die vielfältigen Rootsschattierungen des Trios verzaubern schier. Dazu sind noch illustre Gäste wie Alex Schultz, Gitarre, auf “Grand Casino” und “Going Down The Line” sowie Billy Flynn, ebenfalls Gitarre, auf “Bloody Tears” zu hören. Hier kann man sich nur mehr entspannt zurücklehnen und andächtig lauschen. Für Fein schmecker!

Concerto (A)
February/March 2005
Dietmar Hoscher