1. Somebody Changed The Lock
  2. Feel So Good
  3. Bad Luck Baby
  4. You're Breaking My Heart
  5. Just Like A Fish
  6. Sweet Sixteen
  7. Memphis Girl
  8. Feel So Bad
  9. Nobody Sleepin' In My Bed
  10. I Gotta Find My Baby

MYRON HARVEY – alto sax
BILL VOLTZ – tenor sax

Little known outside his hometown until the release of his 1999 debut, “South Side Story” on the now-defunct Cannonball label.
In November 2000, Little Al Thomas made a festival appearance at the “Lucerne Blues Festival”.

The style of the band doesn't really fit into the Chicago blues category, southside style.
Their repertoire consists mostly of cover tunes.
But Thomas and the band know how to re-make them into their own style.

This album shows Little Al Thomas in great shape, backed by an excellent young band.


Reviews CCD 11068

Little Al Thomas before is one hell of performer. Not only he knows how to sing the blues but he can entertain like no other. He kicked off the show with a lot of energy and kept that perfect contact with his listeners till the very end. I was trying to figure out The Crazy House Band's sound and what I can say is that they do have the sound of their own. It has a lot of West Coast blues in it, especially when it comes to John Edelmann's guitar playing and the horn section, but it's truly unique. Not only the music is absolute high class (…) but the sound quality, production values and packing also set high standards. I love this kind of live production, real concert played from the first song to the last one, no silence or fading. If there is something as good as being there in Lucerne, sitting in a first row and listening to the blues, this is it, “In The House”. This series is as essential as “The Bluesville Years” classic blues series releases some years ago by the Prestige/Fantasy label. A must have for all serious blues fans.

Radio Brawo
Przemek Draheim

Everyone provides hefty support for Thomas' gritty and grinding voice. (…) They also take off on B.B. King's Sweet Sixteen and I Gotta Find My Baby, where Edelmann turns on the jets with broomdusting work, and a smoldering Nobody Sleepin' In My Bed, with a storehouse of crippling guitar. Thomas has proven himself to be a top-shelf singer, and he's certainly more than that here. He's got passion in spades and the outfit behind him delivers a barnstorming set of blues.

Various (Living Blues/Internet)
Dezember 2002
Craig Ruskey

Thomas ist ein guter Sänger (…), und Edelmann spielt eine kraftvolle Gitarre (…). Anders als bei den anderen CDs dieser Serie hat man das Gefühl, wohl vor Ort gewesen sein zu müssen (…)

German Blues Circle Info
Klaus Kilian

Ebenfalls aus Chicago kommt Sänger Little Al Thomas, dessen eleganter Stil allerdings wenig ins rauhe Klischée des Blues aus Chicagos Southside passt.
Bei seinem Auftritt in Luzern im November 2000 präsentierte sich die Band in Spiellaune und lieferte ein Programm quer durch die verschiedenen Stile des Blues. Die Einflüsse liegen weniger in Chicago (obwohl es eine Magic Sam Nummer zu höre
Dieses kurzweilige Livealbum stammt von einer Band, die in Europa noch nahezu unbekannt ist.

Herbst 2002
Rene Maeder