CCD 11073 JW-Jones Blues Band - Bogart's Bounce

JW-Jones Blues Band

Bogart's Bounce

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CCD 11073
EAN 4014924110734
  1. Flatline
  2. Jump Tonight
  3. Ain't Soon Enough
  4. Sweet Sugar Mama
  5. Time To Move On
  6. Bogart's Bounce
  7. Without You
  8. Don't Tease Me
  9. Understanding A Woman
  10. Don't Sugar Coat It
  11. Heard The News
  12. You Forgot To Come Back
  13. Blind Date Woman
  14. Goldtop Groove

JOSH WYNNE-JONES – guitar/vocals
NATHAN MORRIS – upright bass
MATT SOB.B. – drums

Special guests:
MIKE KTNEAS – Fender bass (2 songs)
TORTOISE BLUE – Hammond organ (4 songs)
ROXANNE POTVIN – vocals (1 song)
KIM WILSON – harmonica (1 song)/vocals (2 songs)

under license from Northern Blues Music, Inc.

Second release from this young Canadian band. They produced a lot of attention with their self-produced debut Defibrillatin', a very raw and spontaneous recording. 'Bogart's Bounce' is taking the band to a new level.

The production is excellent, it's all original material, and JW and the band are playing even better. Inspired by contemporaries like Rick Holmstrom or Rusty Zinn, JW has developed a style of his own. 18-year-old harp ace “Southside” is playing some mean harmonica.

Kim Wilson was impressed by JW when he asked him on stage in New York. He offered a participating role in producing and playing on the new album.

So we have Kim, and also piano player Gene Taylor from the Fabulous Thunderbirds guesting. JW and Steve show that blues can be a music of youth … it's great to see young people have the right idea about what blues music is,” says Wilson. And he's right.

If you are into great band playing and you love to listen to the Mighty Flyers: check this young band out!

Reviews CCD 11073

Crosscut Records have done it again! Find an amazing talent and foot tapping, finger clicking blues is the result. (…) The scope of these fourteen toe tappers includes; jump’n’jive,shuffles, to name but a few. Guitar styles range from the swooning pickings of B.B. King. A horn section, that which pleasingly invokes songs from the fifties and sixties yet, have a freshness and vitality listener to say these are songs of today.
An excellent example of the fact that good music never dies; just A fun, fun, fun album! Buy, for pleasure only!
November 2004
Brian Harman

It is rare to find musicians this young who can perform, write solid original material and display the musical maturity the these guys possess.

Southwest Blues
März 03
Barry Gober

textileRef:12021897825df563e988d3b:linkStartMarker:“Eine Bluesveröffentlichung, die auch im Rock'n'Roll-Lager eine Menge Fans finden dürfte. Ein Kracher mit agressiver Swingabilly-Gitarre. “
Vibrationen”: ******** (von 10)

Winter 2003
Frank Plaßmeyer

Das hier ist wirklich richtig teuflisch gut! (…) eine der besseren Bluesplatten, auch für diejenigen, die normalerweise keinen Blues hören.

Januar 2003
Rolf Hansson

Ein wahres Feuerwerk an Westcoast-orientiertem Blues, druckvoll gespielt, mit ebnso hohem Tempo wie Niveau. Keine Spur vom oft auswechselbaren Blues-Rock anderer jüngerer Kollegen. (…) Wynne-Jones spielt Gitarre wie der Teufel, Marriner (harp) steht ihm in nichts nach (…) Da sage noch einer, Blues ist nur was für alte Männer…

Blues News (D)
Januar-März 2003, #32
Dirk Föhrs

Ottawa's JW-Jones Blues Band are a Phenomenon. (…) with all the licks and a passion for the best playing of recent years (…) and a 17-year old harp maestro, Southside Steve Mariner, who has a fine technique and a rasping tone that would be the envy of many vastly more experienced blowers.(…) a session with a fabulous feel to it, wonderfully measured playing and a great understanding of the genre.

Blues In Britain
November 2002
Paul Lewis