CD 1

  1. Bedpopthang
  2. Southern Movements
  3. Arrows Through My Heart
  4. Low Budget
  5. Handmade Love
  6. Indian Girl
  7. Caught Asleep
  8. The Whole Book
  9. Waltz No.1
  10. Serious Shopping
  11. 8000 Miles To New Orleans

CD 2

  1. Oh So Near
  2. Don't Bore Me, Man
  3. Joe Went To The Water
  4. You Make It Sway
  5. Zoo
  6. Isbjörn
  7. Six Blade Knife
  8. Being There With You
  9. She Belongs To Me
  10. Cabin Down Below
  11. Real Tigers
  12. The Life Of A Thief

HANK SHIZZOE – voc/gtr/bouzouki
MICHEL POFFET – upright bass

Special Guest:
SONNY LANDRETH – gtr (12 tracks)

A CCR Productions Recording

Enhanced CD

  • mit einem Bonus 'Live'-Videostück, “Stagger Lee”, featuring Sonny Landreth
  • comes with a bonus 'live' video track featuring Sonny Landreth.

The arrangements were tight, not allowing to stretch-out on guitar. With four studio albums in the catalog, Hank felt it was time for a live record, an album all his fans have been waiting for!
Who ever had a chance to experience Hank Shizzoe & Loose Gravel 'In Concert' knows about the extra portion of intensity, power and feeling that can only be produced on stage, in front of a supportive audience.
This live double-CD brings you more than two hours of the finest in American style roots rock. The sound is just perfect. You'll get the impression of shuffling in front of the stage, without having to leave the ambience of your living room.

Loose Gravel featuring the fabulous Michel Poffet on upright bass, and the rock-solid Christoph Beck on drums, are the perfect support for Hank's extensive guitar, and slide guitar soloing. The trio recordings alone would be a gem.

But CD #2 is giving you extra value.
Exclusively for the live recording sessions last September, we flew in Sonny Landreth.
The slide guitar player from Louisiana is member of the top-five club of excellence, one of the finest players on this planet.
His interplay with Hank and the band is amazing.
That part of the show is a real highlight, both in instrumental versatility, and human experience.

This is the album, Hank's fans have been waiting for.
It's also a good start for all those that love great guitar music.


Reviews CCD 22005

This record will have you bobbing your head with the beat of a great band. Rockin Blues, live and get down good. Blues with a heart. There is nothing better than Blues done good. And these guys done good.

Roots Music Report, USA
Spring 2003

The quality of these two recordings is very good, and the more you play it the more you get drawn into it and end up feeling part of the audience. (…) what a great full sound they make, tight and solid throughout. There's great guitar work from Hank (…) This has been a pleasure to listen to this fantastic CD especially with the weather we've been having of late (sitting in the garden with the volume on high)…

Blues Matters
MayJuly 2003, #14
Tony 'H' Stickland

(Landreth) lieferte sich manch fein ziseliertes Sechs-Saiten-'Duell' mit Shizzoe (…)Selbst wenn man das Bühnengeschehen daheim nur als Konserve genießen kann, schmeckt das dabei servierte Menü hervorragend, sprühen die Live-Funken förmlich aus den Boxen. (…) Und Shizzoe versteht sich ebenfalls meisterhaft auf die Gitarre samt Slidezauberei.

Good Times
April/Mai 2003, #2
Philip Roser