1. Handmade Love
  2. End Of The Trail
  3. Joe Went To The Water
  4. The Hurry And The Grace
  5. One Match
  6. Fallin' Forever And Ever
  7. Walk
  8. Be Good To Me
  9. Big Easy Glow
  10. Where The Roads Have No End
  11. The Only Thing I Do
  12. Southern Movements
  13. The Whole Book
  14. Blood In My Eyes


  • guitar
  • slide guitar
  • dobro
  • National steel
  • tamb
  • vocals

w/ various studio formats.

under exclusive license from Thomas Erb

His debut, 'Low Budget' received rave reviews, internationally – from both, critics and fans alike.

His follow-up is even more expressive, more tight and showing his talents as one of the finest singer/songwriters and slide guitar experts, today. In his songs, Hank's a great storyteller who really loves the music of America's south.

What a great Roots Rock album this is.

Reviews CCD 11050

An unassuming sorta session, brimming with southern warmth, fully alive, aimed at the heart of it all.

Folk Roots
January / February 1997
Tony May

Ein Album von solcher Intensität, Sicherheit und Natürlichkeit hört man grundsätzlich sehr selten.

Gitarre & Bass
August 1996

Moderne Hobo-Songs für alle, die am liebsten gleich weg wollen.

Fachblatt Musikmagazin
Mai 1996
Uli Lemke

Blues, Folk, und Rock aus den Südstaaten, etwas Country, sehnsüchtige Cajun-Melodien und viel Gefühl, wie es sonst nur ein Ry Cooder vom Brett zieht, prägen dieses außergewöhnliche Album. Viel mehr als nur ein Geheimtip.

Hamburger Abendblatt
Willi Andresen