1. Cool Drinks
  2. Do To Me
  3. Wait On Honey
  4. Give And Take A Little
  5. Worried Times
  6. Beauty Parlor Gossip
  7. Answer To TT Special
  8. If That Ain't Love
  9. Can't Hide Love
  10. Good Night's Sleep
  11. If You Don't Want Me
  12. Mad Man Blues
  13. We Got Things To Work Out
  14. Rambling Kind
  15. Someday You'll Want Me
  16. Shipwrecked

MICHAEL ARLT – vocals, harmonica
ANDREAS ARLT – guitar (left channel)
HENNING HAUERKEN – upright bass, backing vocals
ANDREAS BOCK – drums, backing vocals

Special Guests:
ALEX SCHULTZ – guitar (right channel)

The five-piece combo from Northern Germany with their second release on the CrossCut label.

Produced by the guys themselves, “Blue Avenue” is the perfect example for a high-energy album, recorded 'live' in the studio.

Midnite Diner, the predecessor, was produced by Marc T. with the focus on compact songs.
“Blue Avenue” is different.

Supported by one of the tighest and easiest grooving rhythm sections in the business, guitarist Andreas Arlt and harmonica player Michael get plenty of room to stretch-out – and then there's the fantastic Alex Schultz (of Mighty Flyers fame) from Los Angeles.
On a couple of tunes Andreas and Alex are performing “battles of the blues guitar”. Pure fun!
Dennis Koeckstadt is the newest member of the band. The young piano player comes from the Chris Rannenberg school of blues pianist. He ads some special flavor to the B.B.'s blues. Juergen Magiera from Berlin laid down some nice organ.

Never before B.B. & The Blues Shacks sounded so fresh and played with so much self-confidence. Highly recommended.

Reviws CCD 11079

A sparkling combination of expert playing, wit, and songwriting in the style of vintage postwar blues from Chicago, Memphis, and the West Coast, with a little Gulf Coast in the mix (and zero rock, thank you very much). (…) Superior stuff.

Blues Revue
Augus/September 2004, #89
Tom Hyslop

Excellent vocals, mostly original songs, and consumate musicianship make for a first-rate release. Rating:9

Blues In Britain
Spring 2004, #30
Norman Darwen

Mit erstklassigem Bandsound, Einzelleistungen und Songs ist dies eine CD, die auch im internationalen Vergleich eine absolute Spitzenproduktion darstellt – kreativer traditioneller blues vom Freinsten!

German Blues Circle Info
April 2004
Klaus Kilian

Kontrastreich und durchaus unterhaltsam, mit dunkelblauem Blues für Verlassene und Good Time Blues für diejenigen, die verlassen. So gestaltet sich dieser lohnende Ausflug in die “Blue Avenue”, geführt von einer deutschen Spitzenband.

BluesNews (D)
Vincent Abbate