CCD 11057 Floyd McDaniel - West Side Baby - Live In Europe '94

Floyd McDaniel

West Side Baby - Live In Europe '94

CCD 11057
EAN 4014924110574
  1. St. Louis Blues
  2. West Side Baby
  3. Mean Old World
  4. Route 66
  5. Evenin'
  6. Red Top
  7. Backwater Blues
  8. Everyday I Have The Blues
  9. Every Time
  10. Sweet Home Chicago
  11. Hold It

FLOYD McDANIEL – gtr/voc

Recorded live at the 'Breminale '94'
A CCR Productions Recording

He was one of the most impressive personalities I'd ever had the pleasure to meet. When he sadly died in '95, Floyd McDaniel left a big gap that can never be closed.
Floyd was a gentleman, a kind hearted human being, and it was joy and an honor being around him.
His professional career started way back in '33(!), and he had played with all the major names in early blues and jazz.
His guitar playing was influenced by T-Bone Walker. And he could tell stories! (also on stage).
He was humorous, a happy man who had so much love to give. I miss him. This album is his musical legacy.

Thanks to Dave Specter who introduced Floyd to us, he played the Breminale festival in '94, backed by Dave and his fine band.
What was regarded as a jam session turned out be a performance of high musical value.
Here we have Floyd McDaniel 'live', his great guitar playing, his mellow vocals – and his stories.
A beautiful album.

Reviews CCD 11057

Sein Auftritt im Rahmen der diesjährigen Breminal Blues Nächte war für seine Zuschauer eine überwältigende Demonstration von 60 Jahren Musikgeschichte und Erfahrung.

Bremer Nachrichten
17. Oktober 1994

Truly a joy to listen to.(…) This is a beautifully executed and tight “live” show with wonderful recording. (…) 5 bottles for an album that exudes class and dignity.

Real Blues, Seite 73
April / Mai 1998
Andy Grigg

Ein Jahr vor seinem Tod war er mit der Band von Dave Specter auf der Breminale zu gast, und von diesem Festival stammt der vorliegende hervorragend klingende Mitschnitt. Mit viel Swing in den Fingern und ein paar netten Geschichtchen zwischendurch spielt Floyd McDaniel sich durch ein Repertoire von weniger Bekanntem und manchen Standards, die hier durch das laszive Feeling des routinierten Altmeisters an Charakter gewinnen. Selbst die 'Route 66' macht da wieder Spaß.

Jazz Thing
#23, April/Mai 1998

Fans of McDaniel and of jazzy swing/blues T-Bone style will find much to enjoy here – the guitar work is exceptional and he is in fine voice, while Specter's quartet do a good job.

Blueprint (UK)
No.15, September 1998
Jon Taylor

Avuncular, relaxed, and happysounding, McDaniel was a seasoned bluesman whose period in the recording limelight was tantalisingly short. Band and guests are at one here, so if your tastes run to the Cheathams''Sweet Baby Blues' or to front-rank artists like Arnett Cobb and Vinson, then this romping release will be sure thing for you.

Juke Blues
#44, Summer 1999
Peter Vacher