CCD 11047 Dave Specter & The Bluebirds feat. Tad Robinson  - Live In Europe '94

Dave Specter & The Bluebirds feat. Tad Robinson

Live In Europe '94

CCD 11047
EAN 4014924110475
  1. West Side Stroll
  2. Little By Little
  3. Bad Boy
  4. Bluebird Blues
  5. It's Too Late Brother
  6. Kidney Stew
  7. Wag's Blues
  8. Dose Of Reality
  9. I Die A Little Each Day
  10. Sweet Serenity
  11. On The Outside Looking In

TAD ROBINSON – hca/voc

Recorded live at the 'Breminale '94'

A CCR Productions Recording

Although from Chicago, it wouldn't do him no justice to estimate his guitar style as “Chicago blues guitar”.
He calls T-Bone Walkler and B.B.King his major influences, also Magic Sam and Otis Rush who had a concept phrasing behind the vocals.

The way Dave backs Tad with sensibility and emotion is calling back memories of the days when Ronnie Earl used to work with a singer.
Dave never plays blisteringly fast; his playing is very emotional.

This is pure blues performed with emotional honesty. I love it.

Reviews CCD 11047

Specter's beautiful playing leaves you thinking, „Where did that second guitar player come from? (…) Specter displays a kind of fifties sensibility in his playing that seems to rein him in… Robinson's singing recalls the laid back styles of Kim Wilson or Sugar Ray Norcia; and his harp playing suggests Little Walter. The guy's got great tone.

The Hard Report
September 1995

If you like guitar clean, sweet and subtle and sprinkled with a dash of jazz phrasing yet deeply rooted in the blues, then this CD is for you. Recorded live in Bremen, Germany in May 1994, this disc oozes blues of subtlety, economy, honesty and dedicated craftmanship. Specter's guitar is a truly amazing and breathtaking thing to hear. The fluidity with which intelligent, passionate and precise musical phrases cascade out of his soul and through his fingers is mindblowing. (…) I highly recommend this disc as well as any of Dave Specter's other recordings. His stuff is classy and elegant, a true treat.

Sacramento Blues Society
Oktober 1995
Keleey Ham

…ist dies eine höchst empfehlenswerte CD mit absolut brilliantem Livesound.

German Blues Circle,
November 1995
Klaus Kilian

Live vom Blues-Festival auf der Breminale und somit wieder eine excellente CrossCut-Veröffentlichung. Diesmal erwartet uns Dave Specter, ein Gitarrist, der sich nahtlos in die Reihe großer, elegant aufspielender Saitenvirtuosen wie Ronnie Earl, Duke Robillard oder Anson Funderbergh einreiht. Geschmackvoll, nie aufdringlich, aber trotzdem zupackend und spannungsvoll spielt sich Specter durch sein Repertoire. Eigenkompositionen und solche seines Sängers und Harmonikaspielers Tad Robinson wechseln sich mit Standards wie Eddie Vinsons Kidney Stew oder Junior Well's Little by Little ab. Nach Ronnie Earls Blues and Forgiveness wieder eine klasse Veröffentlichung von der Breminale in Bremen.

Blue Rhythm
#1, Winter 1995

Live In Europe brings further proof that Dave Spector ist one of the most tasteful (not a trace of rock in sight!) young “white” guitarist on the scene today, while Tad Robinson is one of the really rare “White” vocalists who is really interesting to listen too.

Blues Gazette
März 1996
Jaques Depoorter