CCD 21069 Hollywood Fats Band - Complete 1979 Studio Sessions

Hollywood Fats Band

Complete 1979 Studio Sessions

2-CD Digipac
CCD 21069
EAN 4014924210694


  1. Rock This House
  2. She's Dynamite
  3. Okie Dokie Stomp
  4. Suitcase Blues
  5. Red Headed Woman
  6. Lonesome
  7. All Pretty Woman
  8. Prettiest Little Thing
  9. Caldonia
  10. Poor Boy
  11. Have A Good Time


  1. Rock This House (alt. take) *
  2. Read About My Baby
  3. Shake Your Boogie
  4. Little Girl
  5. Too Many Drivers
  6. Fred's Blues *
  7. She's Dynamite (alt. take)*
  8. Kansas City
  9. All Pretty Woman (alt. take)*
  10. Too Many Drivers(2nd alt.take)*
  11. Shake Your Boogie (alt. take) *
  12. I Got My Eyes On You
  13. Too Many Drivers(3rd alt.take) *

* = previously unreleased

AL BLAKE – hca/voc
LARRY TAYLOR – upright & electric bass

Hollywood Fats. His name is pure magic for most blues fans of my generation. Born Michael Mann in 1954, he was part of the re-emerging interest in the blues in the late '70s. It was his expressive guitar tone, his way of playing that attracted blues fans on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.
Michael was only 12-years-old when his mother had to drive him to the blues clubs in Watts, the black ghetto in Los Angeles. There the young boy was sitting in with Jimmy Witherspoon and other blues legends. Soon he was touring with the bands of J.B. Hutto, Albert King, and Muddy Waters. But he didn't like the life on the road and decided to move back to LA.
Along with Al Blake, originally from Oklahoma, he founded the Hollywood Fats Band. Fred Kaplan, the Lloyd Glenn inspired piano player, joined, and along with one of the best rhythm sections in the world, Larry Taylor and Richard Innes, their band sound was tight from the first day on.
But it was Fats' guitar tone and sound that really blew people's minds. His tone is very fat, his playing powerful and rhythmically, permanently changing between bass lines, fill-ins and solos. His sound is tube amplified, with a mighty reverb. It was this sound that made other guitar players jealous.
Stevie Ray Vaughan, would was lucky enough to see the Hollywood Fats Band play 'live', later said that his jaw dropped.
Blues guitar heroes of modern times like Ronnie Earl, Junior Watson or Kirk Fletcher are amongst Fats' biggest fans.

We are proud to announce the release of the definite edition of the Hollywood Fats Band studio recordings from 1979.
CD #1 contains the original LP version; CD#2 brings you, along with the additional songs that were on previous re-issues, a bunch of alternate takes and a never before issued song.
Also, we have reproduced the 'Hollywood Fats Funnies' comic that was part of the original first vinyl edition.
Comes with an 8-sided digipak and rare photos, plus extensive liner notes.

A gift for all lovers of Fats' music, and a chance for those that are yet unfamiliar with one of the greatest blues guitar players, ever.


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2022 Leider können zur Zeit keine Videos von YouTube geladen werden / Unfortunately, no videos can be loaded from YouTube at the moment

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This is one of the coolest re-issues I have ever came across, a must have release not only for fans of Hollywood Fats but for blues fans in general! Definitely the best re-issue of Hollywood Fats’ material. Pretty card-board packing, cool comic strip, interesting liner notes and some of the best West Coast blues ever recorded, delivered with a great sound quality. The bonus CD with unreleased and rare material is as interesting as the main album itself – Fat’s take on “Little Girl” is amazing. (…) One way or another, he was a genius of the blues guitar and nobody can deny it. There are certain blues albums that serious blues fans just NEED TO HAVE – this CrossCut’s release is one of them.

Radio Brawo
Przemek Draheim

The sound of the Hollywood Fats Band is as fresh as it was on first release.

Blues Revue (US)
Art Tipaldi

This deluxe double-disc package (…) is a welcome reissue, especially to that coterie of hardcore Hollywood Fats aficionados.

Living Blues
Kevin Toelle

This (…) beautifully packaged and remastered 2-CD set beats out the earlier reissues in a few of ways. (…) the comic book (…) is being reprinted for the first time and the remastering adds quite a bit more fidelity than was there before.

Southland Blues
September 2002
Steve Hinrichsen

Now say hello to a legend. A 2-CD set featuring The Hollywood Fats Band: the first brings you the 1979 album, and the second is filled with alternative takes and extra songs, so you can find out what all the fuss was about. Great and ignored in 1979, still great but hopefully no longer ignored in 2002.

Juke Blues (UK)
No. 51, 08/2002

he disc's are incredible!! I can't stop playing them! I played 3 tracks on my show Friday and got instant calls from listeners. This is THE REAL DEAL and I'm grateful to you for reissuing such an important piece of Blues history. Cheers.

Dave Grogan (WFDU), New York
March 25, 2002

Dennoch ist diese Platte ein großartiges Vermächtnis. (…) und wer vom “Okie Dokie Stomp” nicht mitgerissen wird, sollte ernsthaft den Gang zum Ohrenarzt in Erwägung ziehen.


  1. 06/07-2002
    Dietmar Hoscher

Eine gut aufbereitete, ins Ohr gehende und satt klingende Nauauflage, die man nur loben kann.

Good Times
#3, 06/07/08.2002
Philip Roser

This set is an essential addition to every blues collection, and comes unreservedly recommended.

Blues In Britain
Michael Rainsford

Die Musik? Ein Genuß! (…) Von Besessenen für Besessene.

Il Blues
#79, 06-2002
Luca Lupoli

This is the last and most complete compilation-reissue of this jump-blues MASTERPIECE that a West Coast white band has ever recorded. (…) Hollywood Fats was really at the peak of his musical career, performing bright agressive original solos that have been longly imitated or even literally copied in sound and phrasing by later guitar players. ESSENTIAL.

La Hora Del Blues (E)
November 2002
Vicente Zumel

Wer auf runtergeklappte Kinnladen steht, der sollte sich diese Doppel-CD im schon unverschämt geschmackvollem achtseitigen Digipack (mit selten Fotos) schnellstens zulegen. Oft kopiert, selten erreicht, es gibt zwar viele Musiker, die Fats mit zu ihr geniales Gitarrenspiel, eine souveräne Rhythmusgruppe und traditionellen, aber trotzdem frischen und unverbrauchten, Blues stehen. Große Kunst, große Klasse!

Blues News (D)
Dirk Föhrs