1. Bad Luck
  2. Dynomite Nitro
  3. One Day, One Kiss, One Night
  4. Please Come Home
  5. Strange Kind Of Feeling
  6. Slip Away
  7. Double Eyed Whammy
  8. Mary Lynn
  9. What's In A Name
  10. D Jump
  11. Lonely Boy
  12. Fat Boy

MEMO GONZALEZ – vocals, harmonica
KAI STRAUSS – guitars, vocals (3)
HENK PUNTER – drums, background vocals

Special Guests:
JOSH FULERO – rhythm guitar (1,3,4,6,10), rhythm & lead guitar (8 & 12)
JAN KAROW – Wurlitzer, piano
BOYD SMALL – bass (7)

Produced by Boyd Small & Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters

Recorded live at Mühle der Freundschaft, Bad Iburg, Germany, 2008

2009 studio album, featuring one of Europe's most successful international line-ups. Since joining efforts in the mid-nineteen-nineties, front man Memo Gonzalez from Texas and the Bluescasters have been performing their unique blend of deep blues, swing, a little rock, plus soul and funk to an enthusiastic audience in Europe and the U.S.A.

With 'Live In The UK' the band debuted on the CrossCut label in 2006. 'Dynomite', the Bluescasters' studio album, is focusing more on the songs. Mostly originals, the majority of tunes were collectively written by Memo and guitar player Kai Strauss. Right from the opening tune, you'll hear the band's new mix of funky soul and bluesy grooves. Empowered by Kai Strauss' (Germany) supreme guitar riffs and licks, supported by Erkan Özedemir's (Turkey) pulsating bass lines and Henk Punter's (The Netherlands) steady beats, Memo Gonzalez (U.S.A.) continues to tell his stories of life. He's yearning and suffering, he's fighting and he's furious. Then again he sings and plays the harmonica with passion and irrepressible energy. Beyond doubt, Kai must be regarded one of the best blues guitar players, worldwide. His playing is intense and powerful. He covers a wide range of stylistic refinement, and he never overplays. Plus he puts his heart and soul into his playing. With Henk and Erkan the Bluescasters are featuring one of the strongest European blues rhythm sections.

“We wanted to show the people that we were capable of broadening our musical horizons. We wanted to show that we weren't just another 'shuffle, swing and slow band'”, Memo says. “In the near future we will be coming out with some more songs that walk the fine edge of the blues, experimenting with funk and more soul.”
We are excited! And we are highly recommending one of the band's stirring live shows, nearby. With best regards from the Bluescasters, and Memo Gonzalez, “keep on bluez'n.”