1. Ride With Me
  2. It's Your Voodoo Workin'
  3. Just A Feelin'
  4. Twelve Hours From You
  5. Woman Down In Arkansas
  6. Soul Deep
  7. Country Blues II
  8. Gonna Find My Baby
  9. I Don't Understand
  10. Your Turn To Cry
  11. Mohair Sam
  12. Walk

LEE McBEE – vocals/harmonica
HASH BROWN – guitar
KAZ KAZANOFF – saxophone
WES STARR – drums.

Under license from Pacific Blues Recordings

How many blues singers you know? I mean: “real” blues singers? And how many blue-eyed guys do fit into that category? Five? Or maybe ten?

Whoever you are naming, Lee McBee should be a member of that exclusive club. The man with the particularly soulful and smoky voice, long-time partner of Texas blues guitarist, Mike Morgan has done it again!

He's surprising the blues community with another GREAT record. The musicians were hand-picked in the Dallas area; the recordings were made at Billy Horton's famous 'Fort Horton Studio' near, Austin, Texas. Recorded the old way, live with all guys playing in one room, at the same time. Johnny Moeller is playing guitar with Kim Wilson in his current Fabulous Thunderbirds line-up.

Lee knows how to sing the blues. His repertoire includes rural styles as well as big city soul. He is ranking amongst CrossCut's most favorite white singers. His only album on our label is a moving and thrilling example of contemporary blue-eyed blues and soul. A well-balanced mixture of originals and covers, performed with energy and passion. Traditional style blues at its very best, rough and dirty. Never a slick moment.


Reviews CCD 11072

Knackiger Texas Blues, verfeinert mit würzigem, whiskey-getränktem Gesang und erdigem Harmonica-Support (…) klingt durchgängig nach gelebtem Blues. “Vibrationen”: ******* (von 10)

Winter 2003
Frank Plaßmeyer

He is equally brilliant in the more bristly spotlight of Jerry Hell's production here. (…) McBee's insolent harp playing lends an itchy nap to things and is nicely at odds with the wolcoming soulfulness of his singing.(…) As told it's a superior session, beautifully played, beautifully sung and with the authenticity of tone across several generic variations. Highly recommended. (Rating 9/10)

Blues In Britain
November 2002
Paul Lewis

Geradezu unwiderstehlich eingespielt (…) leichtfüßig, soulig, erdig, einfühlsam, roh, minimalistisch. “Soul Deep” reicht (…) über das simple Etikett “Texas Blues” weit hinaus.

Kurier Am Sonntag (Bremen)
Burkhard Ilschner

Was für eine Stimme! Man möchte gar nicht wissen, welche Mengen an edlen Tropfen eine Kehle stählen müssen, um als Weißer (…) zu solch einer Stimme zu gelangen. McBee shoutet seinen Blues kräftig, schwungvoll und mit einer gewaltigen Portion Rhythm. Satte Grooves liefert auch die Band (…). Egal ob soulig swingend, einfühlsam slow oder gewaltig zupackend, Lee McBee setzt mit diesem Album Maßstäbe des ehrlichen, emotionalen Blues. Unumgänglich! *****

Concerto (A)
Dezember 2002, #6
Dietmar Hoscher

Soul Deep's a real Texas blues record: energetic, powerful and raw, but with lots of feeling. (…) It's been a long wait, but all in all, with this follow-up to 44, Lee again delivers one the best blues records of this year.

RootsTown Music Free-zine
fall 2002, #34
Marc Nolis