CCD 11042 Ronnie Earl - Blues And Forgiveness - Live In Europe '93

Ronnie Earl

Blues And Forgiveness - Live In Europe '93

CCD 11042
EAN 4014924110420
  1. San-Ho-Zay
  2. Robert Nighthawk Stomp
  3. Thank You Mr.T-Bone
  4. Akos
  5. Contrition
  6. Moanin'
  7. Blues For The West Side
  8. The Stumble
  9. Szeren
  10. Blues For Henry
  11. Not Now Kovitch
  12. Backstroke
  13. Rego Park Blues

RONNIE EARL – guitar
BRUCE KATZ – organ/grand piano
ROD CAREY – bass
PER HANSON – drums

Recorded live at the 'Breminale 1993' and at the 'Schauburg' cinema, Bremen, Germany

A CCR Productions Recording

These superb 1993 live recordings marked the peak of Ronnie Earl’s all-instrumental concept. His lust to play, his pure desire to express impulse and emotion by way of playing his guitar, could not be satisfied when backing a vocalist in his band.

The performance and the sound of the masters are setting new standards in the history of blues recordings. We taped two shows in Bremen, Germany. Ronnie Earl was playing the annual Breminale-Festival and delivered two more sets a few days later at the 'Schauburg', a stylish old cinema.

Right from the start, Ronnie’s wide awake, motivated, and almost exploding in his inimitable intensity. His playing technique has reached the climax of creativity, competently supported by his fantastic band. Almost eighty minutes of high voltage, blues instrumentals in perfection, plus originals showing his appreciation for jazz greats like John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk or Wes Montgomery, he’s also regarding important for the development of his personal musical language.

Although recorded almost two decades ago, these thirteen tracks still sound fresh. Here’s plenty of subtlety and emotional depth. For many fans, this it’s the best album Ronnie Earl ever recorded! In my mind, ‘Blues & Forgiveness’ is representing the best from one of the greatest blues guitar players of all times.

Please, note: 'Backstroke' is only available on 'Blues & Forgiveness', the original CrossCut release.

Reviews CCD 11042

Endprodukt ist ein 1 ¼ stündiges Bluesdokument, das in Punkto Aufnahmequalität und Musikalität Maßstäbe setzt. Das Zusammenspiel zwischen Ronnie Earls Gitarre und Bruce Katz Orgel ist nicht nur brillant, sondern auch im Bluesbereich nicht alltäglich.

Die Plattenbörse,
August 1994
Dieter Löckener

Whilst the playing is technically brilliant, the music transcends pure method and touches the heart. Beautifully recorded and presented, one for true consideration.

#65, August 1994
Keith Fitton

Im Nachhinein ist es völlig unverständlich, wie unser kleines Land dieses Jahrhundert-Blues-Gewitter schadlos überstehen konnte. (…) Sofern die Garantie für Ihren Herzschrittmacher bereits abgelaufen ist, sollten Sie einen großen Bogen um jedes Regal schlagen, das verdächtig ist, diese Scheibe Ronnie Earl´s zu verbergen, wie Sie diese Kritik vorzugsweise überlesen sollten.

Extra Dry
2 / 1995

Ronnie Earl´s chops are undenably virtuosic. This stunning live set… stands as a vivid proof. Earl stakes his claim anew as one of the generations most innovative Fretsmen, offering an allinstrumental set that never lets up. (…) Since Earl chooses not to sing, he´s forced to make all of his statements on his instrument. And his guitar speaks eloquently throughout.

Living Blues, Seite 82
Juli / August 1995
Bill Dahl