CCD 11019 John Campbell - A Man And His Blues

John Campbell

A Man And His Blues

CCD 11019
EAN 4014924110192
  1. Going To Dallas
  2. Bad Night Blues
  3. Judgement Day
  4. Bluebird
  5. Deep River Rag
  6. Texas Country Boy
  7. Sittin' Here Thinkin'
  8. Sunnyland Train
  9. White Lightnin'

JOHN CAMPBELL – voc/amplified acoustic guitars

RONNIE EARL – acoustic & electric guitars
PER HANSON – drums.

A CCR Productions Recording

Produced by Ronnie Earl. Recorded in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is John Campbell's first internationally distributed album. Campbell was an incredibly talented blues guitar player, vocalist, and songwriter, born in Louisiana. He died only five years after this album was recorded.
Prior to 'A Man And His Blues', Campbell had made several recordings. Most remained unissued at that time and were only known amongst a handful of hard-core fans in the South. In 1987, John Campbell left his Southern home and moved to New York City. One day, he opened for Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters at Manny's Car Wash in NYC. After Ronnie's show, John and Ronnie met backstage, trading guitar licks on the stairs.
Ronnie was very impressed by John's picking, and his personality. On the spot, he offered him to produce an album with the support of members from the Broadcasters.
Backed by the nucleus of Ronnie's band (bass player Michael 'Mudcat' Ward was not available), John and Ronnie went into a small recording studio in the Northeast. Nine tracks were recorded, directly mixed-down to a two-track stereo master tape. Blues, deeply rooted in the Louisiana, and Texas traditions, influenced by Lightnin' Hopkins. The support of Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters on a couple of tracks ads some extra spice to John's blues, gritty, down-to-earth electric style blues featuring Ronnie's elegant and soulful playing.
These blues are moving, intense, leaving a long lasting impression. A milestone recording session.
John Campbell died of heart failure before his time in June 1993, only moments after his career took off like a rocket. Dennis Walker had produced two extraordinary albums on him for Elektra Records.

Reviews CCD 11019

This is Campbell's show and it's wonderful. This album showcases his ability to bring to life classics like “Sunnyland Train” or Lightnin' Hopkins' “Bluebird” with warmth and an unusually authentic country feel. (…)The Electra products may have more luster, but in many ways the CrossCut effort gives a truer picture of John Campbell's talent.

Blues Access, Seite 44
Spring 1994
Deborah M. Nigro

Mit A Man And His Blues hat CrossCut mal wieder für ein Juwel gesorgt, das für mich die Bluesplatte des Monats ist.

Musik aktuell
Uwe Meyer

Wer akustischen Blues mag, wird begeistert sein, aber auch „die anderen“ sollten mal reinhören, vielleicht werden sie von dieser Platte „bekehrt“ (…).

German Blues Circle
November 1988 (157)
Klaus Kilian