Jimmy Rogers

Jimmy Rogers was born James A. Lane in Ruleville, Mississippi, on June 3, 1924. After world war II he moved to Chicago where he joined Muddy Waters' first band in 1947, and stayed with him until 1954. Muddy had already established himself as the most popular, and most successful bluesman in Chicago. With its tight ensemble sound, the Muddy Waters band became the leading force in post-war Chicago blues.
Jimmy Rogers had made his first recordings in 1948 for the Ora Nelle label. From 1950 to 1959 he was under contract with Chess Records, Chicago's most important blues record company. Jimmy Rogers recorded million-selling hits like 'That's All Right', 'Sloppy Drunk', 'You're The One', 'Rock This House', and his trademark tune, 'Walking By Myself'.
Jimmy Rogers recorded for several European and American record labels, Shelter, Black & Blue, Antones, Blind Pig, Atlantic, a.o. He died in 1997 from cancer.