1. Leave Me Cryin'
  2. What The Hell
  3. Cursed (My Senses)
  4. Just To Satisfy You
  5. What Did I Do
  6. Rosalee
  7. Voodoo Love
  8. It's Worth Anything #
  9. Number Nine Train
  10. Welcome To The Pleasuredome
  11. Git To Gittin' Baby $
  12. Shiva's Little Brother
  13. Strange Times
  14. Allons A Lafayette *

RAY DEVARYO – Vocals, Maracas, Rubboard
TAMMO LÜERS – Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Farfisa Organ
ANDY MERCK – Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Six-String Bass, Backing Vocals
LARS KÖSTER – Drums, Tambourine, Rubboard, Backing Vocals

Special Guests:
SILKY WATZLOVE – Accordion *
THE SIRENETTES – Backing Vocals #

under exclusive license from Velvetone

VELVETONE sound sultry and swampy, sinfully sexy, dusty, slick and smart – in short: Supercool.

The Roots-Rockers play the Voodoo Twang so dark and diabolic, the Country-Chick-A-Boom so steady rollin ', the Diddley Beat so hypnotic, the Rockabilly so razor-sharp and the Rhythm & Blues so dirty, that you'll bet Ray DeVaryo, Tammo Lüers, Andy Merck and Lars Köster spent their whole life in the bands of Link Wray, Johnny Cash, Tony Joe White, Screamin ' Jay Hawkins, the Blasters or The Fabulous Thunderbirds.
VELVETONE continue their unorthodox roots-mix set on their third album “Switchback Ride”, released like the predecessor “Dark Blossom” on CrossCut Records.
A savage ride by the Americana universe.
VELVETONE invite you with the explosive Zydeco number “Allons A Lafayette” in a stylish manner to the Fais-Do-Do. They rock through “It's Worth Anything” with a Hippy-Hippy-Shake to the Land Of 1000 Dances, just to swear up the completely bizarre “Strange Times” like a mixture of Nick Cave and Roy Orbison.
Beside first-class songs from their very own Voodoo kitchen, there are some excellent cover versions, such as the manic rendition of Waylon Jennings “Just To Satisfy You” (beside Steve Young's version, the best interpretation of the piece) and, like a surprise from the miracle bag, a song by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, “It's A Long Way From Home. Here Comes A Supernova!”, and like a glowing hot sun propelled by a mad jungle beat VELVETONE rush by the Rock'n'Roll cosmos with this 80s track.
At the latest with “Welcome To The Pleasuredome” prove VELVETONE as extraterrestrial, as a mad mutation from The Clash, Bo Diddley, Kublai Khan and the Legendary Stardust Cowboy.
If Tarantino had known VELVETONE when making “From Dusk Till Dawn”, he would have sent Tito & Tarantula back for practice in the Rock'n'Roll kindergarten.
This is as sure as the Amen in the church and the blessing by the high priest of Trash'n'Roll, Reverend Horton Heat, who found the Northern Germans just as overwhelming, as did Paladins leader Dave Gonzales. The Paladins engaged VELVETONE as their support act, as did Brian Setzer, Candye Kane, Tav Falco and Willy De Ville.
Best references for Germany best Rock'n'Roll band.
Thus: “Welcome to the Pleasuredome, let's go on a SWITCHBACK RIDE”.

Uwe Meyer

Reviews CCD 12008

German rockabilly and rock'n'roll outfit Velvetone unleash their infectious style on an unsuspecting audience with this gem of an album. Opening with the powerful R&B / rockabilly hybrid 'Leave Me Cryin'' they take you on a roller coaster that you'll never want to leave.(…)
This is a complete surprise and a happy one at that!

Fall 2004
David Blue

Wenn Velvetone Rockabilly schmettern, klingt das in etwa so, als würden Johnny Burnette und Reverend Horton Heat um die Wette jammen. Und wenn sie Country-Großmeister Waylon Jennings covern, könnte man meinen, Tito & Tarantula würden den Soundtrack zum nächsten Tarantino-Streifen ausarbeiten. Von der Bearbeitung eines gewissen Frankie-Goes- To-Hollywood-Hits ganz zu schweigen. Kühl…

February 2005

Noch immer gibt es eine Menge Rockabilly, Retro zwar, aber ohne angestzten Staub. (…) Wenngleich die “dunkle Seite” keineswegs am Wegesrand ausgesetzt wurde, kommt sie doch deutlich geringer zur Geltung. als die beiden Vorgängeralben hätten vermuten lassen. (…) Besser können es auch die Amis nicht!

December 2004, #6
Dietmar Hoscher

Reverend Horton-Heat, Tav Falco, Brian Setzer and Paladins give thumbs up to this German twangbilly outfit, and it's easy to hear why they'd dig Velvetone. It's elegantly executed rockabilly with some cool rootsy flavors, but they're sure ain't afraid to take chances, not many greaser bands would cover Frankie Goes To Hollywood's “Welcome To The Pleasuredome”!(…) Velvetone is belong in the top league of Euro twangsters, and they'd be perfect at a “Punk & Billy Bash” gig. If I had a car this disc would obligatory driving music.

Fall 2004