1. Dirty Deal
  2. Heartless Fool
  3. She Ain't Your Toy
  4. Glad You're Mine
  5. Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whiskey
  6. Cool Twist
  7. I'm A Woman
  8. Take My Hand
  9. Love Will Play Tricks
  10. Where Were You (Ode to Magic Sam)
  11. Jamaican Night
  12. Real Sad Story

PIERRE LACOCQUE – harmonica, handclaps on #10
INETTA VISOR – vocals, three-part background vocals on #7, #12 and #8, handclaps on #10
STEVE DOYLE – guitar (all tracks, except #8); solo on #6; call/response solo with Carl Weathersby on 1; slide guitar on #7, #9 and #3
CHRIS WINTERS – guitar (all tracks); solos on #5, #11, #2 and #12
CHRISHAMBONECAMERON – piano, B-3 organ and Clavinet
SPURLING BANKS – bass, handclaps on #10

Special Guests:
CARL WEATHERSBY – lead guitar on #1 (call/response solo with Steve Doyle), #4, #9 (rhythm and lead) and #10
MICHAEL FREEMAN – tambourine on #10
MICHEL LACOCQUE – handclaps on #10

A CCR Productions Recording

Authentic blues from Chicago, traditional and yet modern. The focus of the new studio production is on bandleader PIERRE LACOCQUE – the innovative blues harmonica player who founded the band in 1991, the powerfully expressive African American female vocalist INETTA VISOR, as well as guitarist CHRIS WINTERS.
Special guest: CARL WEATHERSBY

MISSISSIPPI HEAT is a blues band concept, a formation with the vision to maintain strength and passion, tradition and modernity equally. Since its conception in 1991 the band has, with varying lineups, played umpteen thousand shows on both sides of the Atlantic, driven by the untiring consistent significance of band leader and harmonica player PIERRE LACOCQUE. The local daily Chicago Reader reports: “Lacocque is one of the few harp players of the younger generation who has studied the lessons of finesse, ease and solo-building from the masters …and has also inherited their untamed instrumental power.”

'Glad You're Mine' is MISSISSIPPI HEAT's sixth album. It's the most homogenous to date, with a core lineup that remained unchanged for some years. INETTA VISOR, one of Chicago's great unknown black voices, has developed into a powerhouse of a front woman; guitarist CHRIS WINTERS has, during the course of the last years stepped out of the shadows of well-known guest performers – and with bassist SPURLING BANKS and drummer KENNY SMITH (son of long time Muddy Waters' drummer Willie “Big Eyes” Smith) the band is in possession of a high class rhythm section. New to the group are keyboardist CHRIS CAMERON and guitarist STEVE DOYLE, who play call and response on Dirty Deal with the 'eighth band member' and CrossCut artist CARL WEATHERSBY.
Nine original songs and three covers: two songs by Denise LaSalle and I'm A Woman (a 1962 hit for Peggy Lee): 'Glad You're Mine' is a new, small, compact and modern masterpiece by a blues band that deserves a much wider acknowledgment worldwide.

Recorded at the Tone Zone Studios, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Reviews CCD 11085

Lacoque ist nicht nur ein äußerst versierter Mundharmonikaspieler, der wirklich interessante, eigenständige Linien spielt, er schreibt auch exzellente Song, die musikalisch in der Chicago-Blues-Tradition verwurzelt sind, aber auch moderne Einflüsse verarbeiten und vor allem textlich sehr kreativ sind. Und Lacoque hat ein Händchen für Talente und präsentiert auf den CDs seiner Gruppe immer wieder zuvor unbekannte, hervorragende Leute. Im Fokus steht auf diesem neuen Werk die schwarze Sängerin Inetta Visor. Sie gab auf der letzten CD ihr Debüt ('Footprints On The Ceiling', siehe Info 11/02) und übernimmt hier jetzt durchweg den Leadgesang. Carl Weathersby gastiert wieder, aber diesmal nur als Gitarrist auf vier Titeln. (…)Die neuen Titel stammen von Lacoque, hinzu kommen zwei schöne Denise-Lasalle-Cover, die sich problemlos von Jackson, Mississippi, nach Chicago transplantieren lassen, und eine willkommene Coverversion des selten gehörten Leiber/Stoller-Titels 'I'm A Woman'.

German Blues Circle #358
Klaus Kilian

Mississippi Heat's third CD for Crosscut treads familiar ground, the band's soul infused Chi-Town blues having instant appeal across the blues spectrum, thanks to Pierre Lacoque's, always, eloquent harp and Inetta Visor's deeply blue and soulful vocals. Add the triple guitar attack of Steve Doyle, Chris Winters and guest Carl Weathersby, Chris “Hambone” Cameron's piano and B3, and the tight but swinging rhythm section of Spurling Banks (bass) and Kenneth Smith (drums), and you have a band born to play Chicago blues – just listen to “Dirty Deal”, the shuffle that opens this set, for confirmation of this. (…) Another fine set from Heat that will satisfy their long-time fans whilst also attracting new converts to the fold. Rating: 9

Blues In Britain #49
Mike Rainsford