CCD 11058 Mighty Sam McCLain - Joy And Pain - Live In Europe '97

Mighty Sam McCLain

Joy And Pain - Live In Europe '97

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CCD 11058
EAN 4014924110581
  1. Gone For Good
  2. Sledgehammer Soul & Down Home Blues
  3. What You Want Me To Do?
  4. Where You Been So Long?
  5. I'm So Lonely
  6. Forgive And Forget
  7. Lord Will Make A Way
  8. Long Train Runnin'
  9. A Soul That's Been Abused

GEORGE PAPAGEORGE – Hammond B-3/piano
ZAC CASHER – drums
WALTER PLATT – trumpet
PAUL AHLSTRAND – tenor sax
KEN WENZEL – trombone

A CCR Productions Recording

Mighty Sam McClain is a singer of very personal songs. As Ray Ellis puts it out in his liner notes, “this album reflects the raw energy and intense soulfulness of an artist … and is testament to the ups and downs in Sam's somewhat turbulent career. From selling half-a-million copies of his first 45 to being homeless, Sam experienced it all.”

He is one of the most soulful singers around, today, with four albums recorded for the respected AudioQest label in the US.

We hope that you can feel the intensity and the power of Mighty Sam McClain when playing this album. His band is tight and powerful including a brilliant horn section. Hope you will be as excited as we still are listening to this great singer and performer.

Reviews CCD 11058

Eine gewaltige Stimme, eine vorzügliche Soul-Big-Band und ein erstklassiges Repertoire machen dieses Album zum Genuss.

18. – 24. Juli 1998

Unter den aktuellen Soulsängern gibt es nur wenige, die noch mit dieser Intensität singen. (…) Die 9 vorliegenden Titel wurden letztes Jahr in Deutschland mitgeschnitten, und Sam und die hervorragend abgestimmte Band sorgen für einen über einstündigen Vortrag großer Emotionalität.

Blues News
August / Oktober 1998
Hanno Holzheuser

This set was recorded live in Germany last year and showcases an intense, gutsy singer at full cry on a fine collection of long oozy songs which he handles with. Recommended to anyone who loves gritty hard-edgd soul rather than the wimpish stuff which masquerades under the title these days.

Folk Roots
August / September 1998, No. 182 /183
David Harrison

This is soul the way it used to be – and all too seldom is anymore.

Living Blues
September / OKtober 1998
Bill Dahl

A powerhouse of deeply sincere blues, rooted in his mix of heavy soul, gospel introspected blues. Some of the most respectful, and character-filled vocal capacities that you will hear anywhere! These are heart-wrenchin', dirteatin' blues…and McClain knows how to tell it and lay it out! This is one tight blues ship!

Big City Blues (USA)
June – July 1999
Mark A. Cole

It's been a while since I've found a live album so rewarding. (…) The sound is excellent, editing subtle and whole production firdt rate.

Juke Blues Magazine
No. 41
Mark Harris