CCD 11029 Ford Blues Band - Live - Here We Go! Live in Germany '90

Ford Blues Band

Live - Here We Go! Live in Germany '90

CCD 11029
EAN 4014924110291
  1. Get Yourself Together
  2. Tramp
  3. One More Mile
  4. One Kind Favor
  5. Blue And Lonesome
  6. You're A Bad One
  7. Fannie Mae
  8. Fool For Love

MARK FORD – hca/voc
ANDY JUST – hca/voc

A CCR Productions Recording

'Recorded live at the Schauburg, Bremen, Germany – October 04, 1990' – Robben Ford*'s brothers, Patrick and Mark from Ukiah in Northern California presenting an inspiring live album, Charles Ford Band style. This set is featuring the innovative playing of two harmonica masters, *Mark Ford and Andy Just. With their original arrangements and their powerful style they are reproducing the force of an entire horn section. Line-ups with two harmonica players are pretty scarce – a band featuring two exceptional artists is unique.
Along with his younger brother Robben, Patrick Ford founded the Charles Ford Band, named after their father, in 1969. Shortly after, Patrick and Robben were hired by Charlie Musselwhite and played in his band for almost one year. Finally, Mark, the youngest of the three Ford brothers, joined the short-lived band which played their final show on New Years Eve, 1971. Robben went his own way, and so did Patrick. He founded his Blue Rock'It Records label in 1984. In the next years he recorded some of the finest modern west coast blues. CrossCut was the exclusive licensee for the label in Europe, from 1988 to 2003.
With Garth Webber replacing Robben Ford, the Charles Ford Band was re-born in 1988 as The Ford Blues Band which is working to this day with different line-ups.
This live album was recorded direct-to-digital and is showing the band during her most successful period. Modern west coast blues rock, from rough, dirty, and rocking to deep, lowdown blues with heart and soul.


Reviews CCD 11029

In unseren Breiten vielleicht nicht so bekannt, zählt die Ford Blues Band zu den wichtigsten und sicherlich auch besten Bluesbands der letzten Jahre. Das Brüderpaar Mark und Patrick legen mit Here We Go! Eine höllisch heiße Live-CD vor. Mitgeschnitten in Bremen, beeindruckt das Album vor allem durch die stets präsenten Mundharmonikas von Mark und Andy. Technisch perfekt und mit wahrem Bluesfeeling gesegnet, stehen die Duelle der beiden im Mittelpunkt dieser rollenden und unglaublichen Blues-Session.

Juli 1992
Peter Bauer

'Here Were Go!' features the Fords with two harmonica players… It's a particulary satisfying and exilarating arrangement. I feel, one which gives the band an extremely raw, riffling frontline turning numbers such as Lowell Fulson's “Tramp” into classics of Brillo-Pad Funk and lending throwaways like “ Fannie Mae” , a heavyweight emotional punch. Nice guitar work too.

Blues & Rhythm
August 1992, No. 71
Paul Lewis

Virtuos brilliert Mark Ford mit seinem fulminanten und kraftstrotzenden Harpspiel. (…) Andy Just, der zweite Harpist (…) ist Mark ebenbürtig, was das Klangbild betrifft (…). Beide zusammen sind das 'non plus ultra' bei der CD.(..) Die Ford Blues Band muß man gehört und gesehen haben, dann versteht man, welch schöpferischer Moment die Bluesmusik beinhaltet (…) Diese Gruppe zählen Kenner 'zur Spitze' der West Coast Blues Band!! Hier, Bluesgenießer, habt ihr dank CrossCut Records die beste und schnellste Möglichkeit dieser famosen Band zu lauschen.

Blues Life
1992 / 1