1. Fine Young Thing
  2. Only You
  3. Goin' Out Tonight
  4. The Way You Do
  5. You And Me (Don't Belong Together)
  6. I'm Gonna Be Ready
  7. Newstie
  8. Sober Up Baby
  9. Where's My Baby
  10. Ain't Enough
  11. Already Found
  12. Dead Wrong

Produced by Josh Smith and Lior Goldenberg
Recorded and mixed by Lior Goldenberg at The Space, West Hills, CA, USA
Mastered by Brad Vance at Red Mastering
Re-Mastered by The Zumo Kings at Palais Aux Etoiles, Bremen, Germany

Josh Smith was born in 1979 in Middletown, Connecticut, and raised in Florida. As a teenager he released two self-produced blues CDs and was sitting in with blues greats at established professional blues jams in South Florida. After graduation from high school in 1997 he went on his first national tour ensued with his newly formed power trio, Josh Smith and the Frost. Later that year, Jim Gaines, whose credits include Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Luther Allison, a.m.o., produced his third album. In 1999, he entered the recording studio again with Jim Gaines and produced his fourth CD. Three years later, Josh married and he and his wife moved to Los Angeles. Josh was ready for something new and wanted to be around a variety of musicians. He also began being a sideman.

Within a year of moving to L.A., he was retained by Virgin recording artist Ricky Fante. He played nationally and internationally with Ricky for the next two years. Josh continued to play with a variety of artists, such as actress Taryn Manning, Universal hip-hop artist Benny Cassette and Tara Ellis, to name a few. In 2007, he was hired by American Idol winner Taylor Hicks to be his lead guitarist. They completed two national tours. Finally, in July 2008, Josh was approached by Raphael Saadiq, Grammy-award winning producer and performer. He has been playing with Saadiq on and off for the past few years. Josh continues to live in the Los Angeles area with his wife and two children.

In May 2011, Josh will support his internationally distributed CD, “I'm Gonna Be Ready” with his first European tour under his own name.

“I'm Gonna Be Ready”, a more traditional blues CD, is not just a showcase for Josh Smith, the 31-year-old guitar master. Smith, a sophisticated stylist, leaves plenty of room for piano and organ. But he's not a traditionalist, or revivalist. He loves to play, and it shows. You may hear nods to the Vaughan Brothers, Stevie Ray and Jimmy, and their special Texas blues brew. There are soulful moments of deep intensity, slow blues, tastefully arranged with horns in the background. Stax-tinged soul come with “You And Me”, or “Already Found”. “Dead Wrong” shows his deep sense for funky blues. You may hear Albert Collins, and B.B. King in his playing, too. In 1998, Josh was asked to support B.B. King on a number of theatre dates.

Josh Smith wrote all the songs for “I'm Gonna Be Ready”. No fillers. On his latest release, Josh is supported by some of the finest players in Los Angeles. Kirk Fletcher, his buddy, has worked with Kim Wlson in the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Jeff Young on organ has worked with Jackson Browne, and Steely Dan, to name a few. And drummer James Gadson is one of the best in the country.


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2022 Leider können zur Zeit keine Videos von YouTube geladen werden / Unfortunately, no videos can be loaded from YouTube at the moment

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2022 Leider können zur Zeit keine Videos von YouTube geladen werden / Unfortunately, no videos can be loaded from YouTube at the moment

Link zum Video https://youtu.be/9xnXbo4iB0M


Reviews CCD 11101 JOSH SMITH I'm Gonna Be Ready

Just Perfect! Amazing guitar playing, a moving performance, a blues production of inimitable quality with full-blooded vocals, bodacious lyrics, embedded in a brilliant combo arrangement.

Monsters & Critics
April 2011
Rainer Molz

In comparison with Joe Bonamassa, *JOSH SMITH*'s style is more deeply rooted in the blues. However, there's plenty of rock in his music to satisfy all fans of tougher sounds. JOSH SMITH's playing is characterized by his incredible feeling for the blues and a certain playful airiness. He has a warm and mellow voice. Great set, definitely out of the ordinary!

Rock Hard
Mai 2011
Götz Kühnemund

JOSH SMITH is rolling, swinging, and grooving… skillfully pulling out all the stops!

Mai 2011
Walter Sehrer

JOSH SMITH is ranking amongst today's most eclectic and most inspiringly performing blues/rock guitar players… He's a brilliant six-string master incorporating additional tone colors by dialoguing with the piano and organ players.

Juni/Juli 2011
Philipp Roser

*JOSH SMITH*'s music means feeling, spirit, power, aspiration, and rhythm in an equal measure. A great album featuring an exceptional artist.

Februar 2011
Stephan Schelle

MR. SMITH really is a consummate guitarist breathing soul into his music. The production's warm, pleasing, and sophisticated sound is perfectly activating his music.

April 2011
Lutz Koroleski

JOSH SMITH is not depending on stentorian sounds to persuade. His blues are flowing through the speakers, relaxed and funky at the same time. Incredible! Nobody should complain about a lack of variety on this album.

April 2011
Jürgen Bauerochse

JOSH SMITH live at the Blues Garage Hannover, May 20, 2011: On his first tour of Germany, JOSH SMITH has been overwhelmingly convincing… Great show, Mr. Smith!

April 2011
Jürgen Bauerochse

“I'm Gonna Be Ready” ist nun der erste Schritt im Neuaufbau seiner Karriere als Verfechter des Nachkriegs-Blues nach dem Vorbild von B.B., Buddy & Co.
Straighter uund trockener als der Auftakt 'Fine Young Thing', bei dem Harp-Spieler Lynwood Slim gastiert, kann ein Blues kaum sein (…) mit dem fulmintantem Titelsong. Der Gitarrist selbst schaltet auf einen dreckigeren Ton um, schielt in Richtung Delta Blues.(…) bestätigen sie die Fähigkeit dieses Mannes, große Momente zu liefern.

Vincent Abate

Für Fans des Retro-Blues ist die Musik eine Delikatesse: Zu satten Bläseraufmärschen versetzt es ihn in die Haut eines jungen B. B. King nach Memphis, mit Lynwood Slim an der Harp macht er eine Zeitreise ins Chicago der 1950er, klassischer Soul aus Memphis bis Detroit inspiriert ihn zu seinen Songs.

Uli Lemke

“I'm Gonna Be Ready” presents a mature artist with a powerful soul infused vocal style, a talented songwriter and, as Thackery alluded to, a guitar mastery that sets him on a par with artists like Duke Robillard et al.
Ratings 9/9

Blues In Britain
Mick Rainsford

This excellent CD finds him back with the Blues, where he so obviously belongs. (…) Although I won't argue with anyone who casts Josh as a blues-rocker, he is far more subtle than that term sometimes implies – try 'Sober Up Baby'
for a West Side Chicago influenced blues, and elsewhere there are clearly audible touches of B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Albert Collins, good old soul music – take a listen to the Sam Cooke ­tinged 'AIready Found' or the Stax-flavoured 'Only You' (yes, Josh can sing too!) – and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Blues Matters! #62
Norman Darwen